Dear Members, 

One of my goals as SCRIA’s newly elected President is to communicate with you, the members. I see the members as the heartbeat of the association! I will not be emailing you every day with an update of what SCRIA work I do, but I will give you regular updates with major events that take place.

I would like to share with everyone the great experience I had over the weekend.

As everyone knows one of my goals as National President is to grow SCRIA and make it is a true national association.

I received an invitation from Tony and Leah Ross from Master Class Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide who arranged a meeting with industry professionals from South Australia.

Some of the guys that attended the meeting travelled 400km to make it to the meeting. Now that shows commitment!

It was great to meet everyone and to see how much passion there is for our great industry in South Australia.

For us to have such presence in South Australia and other states means we are going to become stronger as an industry and association; one which can back their members and create a more professional environment.

In the past in my opinion we had too much focus on the east side of Australia and we had forgotten our fellow industry members in the west side and south (eg; Tasmania).

They have a lot to give to our industry.

In the next few months I will make sure that I am touching base with all of them and try to create a bigger and stronger industry.

I also found it very inspiring to speak to people that have physical limitations and which doesn’t stop them from having a very successful business in a very tough environment.

I would like to thank Tony and Leah again for their great hospitality and the other SA guys who made me feel extremely welcome and entertained us.

All I can say is SCRIA is going places and we are going to be better and stronger for it.


Gidon Kabaker

SCRIA National President