Code of Practice

code of practiceIn accordance with the Constitution, SRCP has a Code of Practice which must be strictly adhered to by all members. Members agree to:

  • Abide by the Association’s rules and work to help achieve the aims and objectives of the National Upholstery, Carpet Cleaners & Restorers Association Inc.
  • Strive constantly to improve the image of the industry and to promote the Association in the interests of the industry and the community.
  • Maintain a high standard of technical performance as required by the Association through the provision of adequate equipment, training and qualified personnel.
  • Recognise and respect the rights of our clients, and provide courteous and prompt handling of all service requests.
  • Recognise and respect the rights of our professional competitors in a free competitive market system.
  • Conform with all aspects of legislation relevant to our industry including Trade Practices, consumer protection, environmental protection, Occupational Health and Safety, consumer safety and industry employment regulations.
  • Provide adequate safeguards for clients, employees and the general public by way of Public Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance.
  • Ensure that advertising and representation of service is honest, researched, factual and not misleading to the consumer, and that it is in the interests of the industry and the community.