How to Choose a Restorer

Restorers in protective equipmentNot all carpet cleaners choose to do restoration work. Not all carpet cleaners who choose to do restoration work are qualified to perform that work. When choosing a restorer, consider asking the following questions:

1. What formal training have you and/or your staff completed?

There is not an Australian Standard for Water or Fire Damage Restoration. However, best practice for Water and Fire Restoration is following IICRC standards. Ask to see their IICRC card.

2. How long have you been performing this type of work?

Every water/fire damage job is different and experience is an important criteria when judging the ability of your restorer.

You can ask questions like, ‘Do you use a psychometric chart?’ ‘Do you use a hygrometer?’ ‘When do you use a dehumidifier?’ You don’t have to know the answer beforehand but a qualified person will be able to talk to you about these things and explain what they are.

A professional restorer will monitor the progress of the job. They will come regularly and use various measuring instruments to determine the amount of moisture that still remains in the flooring and building. They will never simply put a piece of equipment in your property and then pick it up several days later. Ask them how they confirm a property is dry before removing equipment.

If unsure, please contact SRCP and we can ensure that a trained professional can answer your questions.