Why Choose an SRCP Member
There are many benefits from employing….

Consumer phoning for helpSpecialised Restoration & Cleaning Professionals (SRCP) aims to help consumers choose a professional to clean, maintain and restore their floors and fabric. There are many horror stories from consumers who use untrained and uninsured cleaners who simply do not know what they are doing. You are inviting someone into your house and expect that when they leave your property it will not only be cleaner, but it will also be healthier for your family to live in.

Who Are SRCP Members?

  • Every member of SRCP has undergone expert training – nobody can be a member without showing evidence of their training.
  • Every member of SRCP has public liability insurance.
  • SRCP members work to a stringent Code of Practice that protects the customer.
  • The SRCP web site enables you to search online for an accredited SRCP member in your area.

So always look for an SRCP Member to help with your flooring and fabric cleaning, maintenance and restoration, and know that you are dealing with a company that has SRCP’s high quality tick of approval.

Why Choose an SRCP Member?

There are many benefits from employing the services of an SRCP member. These include:

  • Knowing that your property will be cleaned, maintained and restored to the highest standard;
  • Knowing that the company you are employing have undergone specialised industry training;
  • Knowing that the company you are employing has adequate insurance in place in case something goes wrong; and
  • Knowing that if you have an issue with the company you can follow the complaints procedure of SRCP and have the complaint followed up
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