Loreto CollegeWe want to hear more from our members and the work you’re doing. This month, our very own SCRIA Secretary, Mark Carey from Emergency Property Solutions in Adelaide provided a case-study.

How many of us in Adelaide can forget February’s mini-cyclone followed a week later by the wettest day in 45 years? The team at Emergency Property Solutions (EPS) responded to a significant number of jobs as a result of these events, with many of us working very long hours to help as many of our customers as possible. EPS crews worked till the early hours of the morning to complete as many ‘makes safes’ as possible. This great work allowed our clients and their customers to continue to operate as close to normal as possible.

During the mini-cyclone Loreto College’s Gym had a wall of windows fall out. While SES, MFS and College staff cleaned the initial mess so that school drop off was not disrupted the next morning, they called us at EPS to secure the building and provide make safe repairs. This prevented more damage from occurring and finalized the clean-up. The job needed to be completed out of school hours, as we needed to close the road between Campuses.

As you can see from the photo, we needed to coordinate equipment like the EWP & Light Tower, the required materials and personnel to complete the important task at hand.

The EPS team of Johann, Sean, Russell and Jake having worked all day, then set up and worked through till the very early hours of the morning. They then recommenced next afternoon, and again worked through until the early hours of the morning to finish the job and remove the significant amount of debris that was still on the gym roof. The great assistance of our suppliers; Access Hire (for the EWP) and Kennards, (for the light tower) for mobilizing the required equipment at very short notice is appreciated by both EPS and our customers.

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