Hello SCRIA Members,

As part of our current restoration working group efforts, we have embarked on an initiative to develop an “Industry Overview” document. The aim of this document is to foster recognition and regulations for the restoration industry.

The target audience for this document is primarily Government officials, Politicians, and other Associations with which our industry is, or would like to be affiliated.

Through the document we want to:

  • Demonstrate some examples of the complex technical/scientific nature of the industry and the level of education required to make decisions
  • Demonstrate safety and health considerations for workers, occupants of premises and others who come into contact with the indoor environment
  • Speak about our involvement with other industries in a positive light

We are seeking expressions of interest from the membership body, to get involved in helping write various sections of this document.

If you are interested in assisting in this process, have a high degree of competency in a specific (or several) areas of restoration, please make contact with the SCRIA office via [email protected] or contact me on 1800 621 872 to discuss which section of the document you would like to write content for.


Thank you in advance,
Gidon Kabaker

SCRIA National President on behalf of SCRIA Board