The SCRIA Board would like to provide an update to the members to share what we have been working on since elected on the 8th of August.

Confirming our direction

With any new board it is important to get everyone in the same page and define clear goals. This has been a major focus. One of our goals is to get members more involved. We have a number of opportunities for members to join committees which include:

Secretariat Services

It is with great excitement, SCRIA is launching a secretariat service this month This will offer more than basic administration, with key personnel being announced shortly. The Board is extremely focused on helping propel the industry forward and believes this service will benefit all members.

Role of Suppliers

The new Board has voted to change the way suppliers are involved in SCRIA. As a crucial part of the industry, we want to include them via our sponsorship program in addition to sub committees which are currently being formed. However, due to a conflict of interest, the committee feels suppliers should no longer be Board members. For this reason, we regretfully bid farewell to two current board members, who have been very supportive of this decision and support the outcome:

Ivi Sims is a passionate member who brings so much enthusiasm to SCRIA. We thank her for her years of dedication to the SCRIA board through her position as Victorian President and more recently, as National Secretary. The Board is very grateful for her hard work and energy. This is not goodbye, as we look forward to Ivi’s continued involvement as a member. Thank you for everything.

Jenny Boymal has been involved in SCRIA for a number of years. Her passion and drive for the industry is greatly admired. Widely recognised as the backbone of the Board and a great Sponsor, Jenny has always gone above and beyond what is asked of her. The Board is extremely grateful to Jenny for the time and energy she has put into SCRIA. We look forward to continue to working closely with her.

We will recognise the efforts of Ivi and Jenny at the first opportunity we have to get together with our members.

Calendar of events

SCRIA is putting together an annual calendar of events so members can plan what they want to be involved in. Watch this space!

Restoration Focus Group Update

This Group have been working to identify key industry issues, including ‘How we can be recognised as an industry’. Currently comprised of Victorian members, we are seeking volunteers from other states to join the group. Please contact SCRIA National President, Gidon Kabaker if you are interested in promoting our industry.


Gidon Kabaker

SCRIA National President on behalf of the SCRIA Board