SCRIA xmas logo2015 is gone, and I am sure it rolls by faster every year. For some SCRIA members at this time of the year, work picks up with carpet cleaning of schools and commercial areas. Others, like our QLD members, usually means buckling down for summer storms and the beginning of cyclone season. For others it can mean family holidays and chillin’ with our family at the beach or just at home watching the cricket. Whatever you are doing this holiday season enjoy it and have fun.

SCRIA would like to thank all of its business sponsors this year and the door prizes given away to our lucky members. I personally would like to thank the tireless hours the SCRIA board puts in every week and to the businesses and hosts that let us in for our association meetings, Thank you.

SCRIA is an association filled with restoration specialists, hygienists, timber flooring experts, carpet cleaning professionals and suppliers. I often think about, how much knowledge floats around in our association so freely for all us to tap into, and how lucky we are as a group of professionals.

Thanks to all that have attended state meetings and those that have taken on the jobs through the Facebook job allocations.

The SCRIA Office will be closed from Thursday 24th December 2015 until Monday 11th January 2016.

Hope you all have a safe holiday season and enjoy the storm season if possible.

Stay safe SCRIA members.