I am the owner of Aim Home Services, a family business run alongside with my wife and four children who are all actively involved in the business.

I started out in the industry six years ago, and have grown from a one man and one “wow” man operation with Kristy on the phones and running out hoses while “have a chat Matt” spoke to the customers.

In our time in the industry, we have come full circle, from worrying if there will be enough jobs and money to feed the kids this week, to not having enough technicians to do the work.

We currently specialise in all aspects of getting a home in tip top condition ready to be rented out and also emergency restoration for both tenants and real estate agents alike.

We have a call centre in Mount Gravatt, Brisbane’s South, with a team of approximately 10 carpet cleaners and the same in general cleaners.

We joined SCRIA to be a part of the trade association in order to be a part of the lifting of the reputation of our industry. We are more than just cleaners – we are solution orientated cleaning experts.