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SCRIA NSW Meeting & Networking | 14th April 2016

The discussion forum this time will be a quick review of the SCRIA sponsors followed by a meaty discussion about Mould finishing up with a review of the recent RIA convention and a quick tour of the newly renovated Steamatic facility.

Date: 14th April 2016

Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Location:  Steamatic | 113 Bonds Road Riverwood NSW 2210

6.00pm  – Arrival & Networking

6.30pm – Meeting

7.30pm – Sausage Sizzle & Networking

RSVP by 12th April 2016

Friday, 1 April, 2016|



Running annually for the 7th year!

Who Should Attend?
Anyone involved in any aspect of water, mould, sewage or fire damaged properties including assessment, restoration and remediation.

Registration includes:
• Speaker sessions – local and overseas industry experts!
• Expo – top industry suppliers from Australia and abroad
• Catering throughout the event
• Social events – Welcome Drinks on 1st June & Networking Drinks on 2nd June
• Gala Dinner on Friday 3rd June
• Gain 2 IICRC CEC points

Cost: $930.00, installment payment plan available, contact Jena Dyco on 1300 192 968 (+61 3 9815 0175) or email [email protected] for further information.

SCRIA is proud to the Industry sponsors for the Mould and Restoration Conference & Expo 2016

Tuesday, 15 March, 2016|

SCRIA Queensland Member & Industry Meeting – 6th April 2016

Date: 6th April 2016
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Location: All Aces Services – Unit 4, 8 Ives Street Murarrie QLD 4172
RSVP by 6th April at or email [email protected]

Tuesday, 15 March, 2016|

SCRIA Board Update

The Most Valuable Commodity: Time

Another year has started and we are already into Autumn. How time fly’s so quickly, and that is one commodity in this world that is so valuable.

Time is also something I have run short of as a resource and so sadly with much regret, but with a sense of pride too, I must hang up my hat as the SCRIA president.

SCRIA and its members, deserve the precious resource – time, and requires a president that can give it freely. In the last couple of years, myself, with a fantastic board have taken SCRIA to new heights and it has been exciting to see it move so positively. The presence of SCRIA in the Australian insurance industry has been exposed to exciting levels and our public exposure is growing monthly with website views and enquiries. SCRIA now has over 90 companies as members with several business sponsors, involving many carpet cleaners, restorers and hygienists that enjoy the fellowship and association benefits.

Those that know me, will understand that if I can’t give it 100% I am not a happy Chappy. SCRIA, now more than ever needs a president who can lead it to new exciting levels with the forward motion that has been positively rolling on. There are still some out there in our industry that try to separate the restoration association from its members, and start break-away groups from the SCRIA association for their own benefit. I would recommend they be ignored so SCRIA can continue on its positive move forward. Keep the SCRIA Facebook page positive and alive and post to your hearts content.

While I am stepping down from being the president of SCRIA I will continue to support the association in the role of Technical Advisor.

The Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association represents the best of the industry, so please continue on as new and exciting events are being planned behind the scenes right now.

Thank you to all that have been involved in the SCRIA phone hook ups and to the companies that have opened up their facilities for our meetings. The meetings are a great resource and we are looking for new facilities all the time, so please contact [email protected] if you would like to host a SCRIA member event.

Thank you to the executive board for leading SCRIA to where it is today. Without you, my job would not have been as successful.

Finally, thank you to my wife, Roz, for allowing me enjoy my passion in the industry and being able to share it with others.

Cheerio to all, Thank you to everyone. See you soon!

Scott McFadzen

Farewell from Clare

The SCRIA Board and Committee met last week and have planned some exciting things for 2016. We will update you on these throughout the year. In addition to Scott McFadzen’s resignation we also need to announce that SCRIA’s National Secretary, Clare Collins has also resigned from the SCRIA committee.

“It has been a pleasure assisting NUCCRA, as it was when I joined, and now SCRIA as both Victorian State President and National Secretary over the last 6 years. I have seen many positive changes throughout my time served and have formed many great friendships. It’s time for someone else to help move the Association in the great direction it is heading. It is now time for me to concentrate on my forthcoming twins and enjoy motherhood.”

As a result of both Scott and Clare stepping down from the SCRIA Board the following committee will be in place until the AGM later this year:
Acting President: Mark Carey
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer: Jenny Boymal
Acting Secretary: Ivi Sims
Acting Victorian President: Kelly Rummery
NSW President: Penny Tralau
QLD President: Chris Kissen

Tuesday, 15 March, 2016|

Work Safe Australia – Workplace Vibration Guidance Material Now Available

Australian workers are exposed to vibration in a range of industries including mining, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, trades, transport and utilities.

There were approximately 5260 workers’ compensation claims for injuries or illness attributed to exposure to vibration over the past 14 years, costing $134 million in workers’ compensation payments.

To increase awareness, help workplaces manage the risk and to assist professionals measuring and assessing exposures, Safe Work Australia has released guidance material and technical information about exposure to vibration in workplaces.

Safe Work Australia’s guidance material on exposure to vibration in workplaces includes general guides and information sheets for workers and those managing workers who are, or may be exposed to vibration. There are also guides to help work health and safety professionals measure and assess vibration in workplaces.

The Workplace vibration guidance material available from the Safe Work Australia website includes:

  • Guide to measuring and assessing workplace exposure to hand-arm vibration
  • Guide to measuring and assessing workplace exposure to whole-body vibration
  • Guide to managing the risks of exposure to hand-arm vibration in workplaces
  • Guide to managing the risks of exposure to whole-body vibration in workplaces
  • Information sheet: hand-arm vibration, and Information sheet: whole-body vibration
Friday, 18 December, 2015|

IICRC Publishes S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mould Remediation

IICRC announces the publication of a newly-revised ANSI-approved ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation and IICRC R520 Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation (4th edition, 2015).

The ANSI/IICRC S520 is a procedural standard and reference guide for the remediation of mold damaged structures and contents. The ANSI/IICRC S520 is based on reliable remediation and restoration principles, research and practical experience and attempts to combine essential academic principles with practical elements of water damage restoration for technicians facing “real-life” mold remediation challenges. The S520 and R520 are written for use by those involved in the mold remediation industry, and is the result of collaboration among microbiologists and other scientists, public health professionals, industrial hygienists, remediation contractors, restoration service companies, cleaning and restoration training schools and trade associations that service the professional restoration industry, allied trade-persons and others with related professional and practical experience.

To view a presentation on the summary of changes in the S520 Standard and R520 Reference Guide since the 2008 version,visit

To purchase a copy of the new ANSI/IICRC S500: 2015 and other standards, visit the IICRC Standards Subscription website at or the IICRC webstore at For more information on other certification programs and standards offered by IICRC, visit

Friday, 18 December, 2015|

3 Most Common Forms of Business Liability

When running a business, you’ll typically hear about three key forms of liability.

They are as follows:

  1. Public liability: Refers to situations where your business is found liable to a third party for death or injury, loss or damage of property or economic loss resulting from your negligence (Claim example – this could be as simple as someone slipping on a wet floor and injuring themselves).
  2. Professional indemnity: Professional indemnity refers to advice-based businesses being held liable for professional negligence. Liability can apply if your client suffers a loss – material, financial or physical – directly attributed to negligent acts, errors or omissions on your business’s behalf (Claim example – written report made stating floor/carpet is completely dry, but it is not).
  3. Product liability: If any products you sell, supply or deliver happen to cause injury, death or damage to those who purchase them, this is an example of product liability. (Claim example – incorrect product applied to flooring, which then causes damage).

These three cover the key basics of your business’s potential liability. Public liability chiefly refers to incidents that occur from general business negligence, professional indemnity refers to the bad outcomes resulting from poor professional advice or professional negligence, and product liability accounts for the damages that may result from a product you sell/supply (and not a person).

Naturally, there are insurance policies for all of them. What is definite is that businesses that fail to take out appropriate liability insurance policies may face some serious financial strains down the line.

Regional Insurance Brokers are SCRIA’s preferred partner for Insurance needs, please give Mitch Binney a call on 07 4951 6200 or email [email protected] for an obligation free review of your current policies.

“Just paid my insurance through Regional and saved over 1200 bucks on my current policy. Checked by credit card and the payment is via an office in Mackay (of all places). Thanks SCRIA.
Justified three years membership in one swoop.”

Darryl Van Rooy | Roy Darvan Pty Ltd | December 2015

Friday, 18 December, 2015|

End of Year Message from Scott McFadzen – SCRIA President

SCRIA xmas logo2015 is gone, and I am sure it rolls by faster every year. For some SCRIA members at this time of the year, work picks up with carpet cleaning of schools and commercial areas. Others, like our QLD members, usually means buckling down for summer storms and the beginning of cyclone season. For others it can mean family holidays and chillin’ with our family at the beach or just at home watching the cricket. Whatever you are doing this holiday season enjoy it and have fun.

SCRIA would like to thank all of its business sponsors this year and the door prizes given away to our lucky members. I personally would like to thank the tireless hours the SCRIA board puts in every week and to the businesses and hosts that let us in for our association meetings, Thank you.

SCRIA is an association filled with restoration specialists, hygienists, timber flooring experts, carpet cleaning professionals and suppliers. I often think about, how much knowledge floats around in our association so freely for all us to tap into, and how lucky we are as a group of professionals.

Thanks to all that have attended state meetings and those that have taken on the jobs through the Facebook job allocations.

The SCRIA Office will be closed from Thursday 24th December 2015 until Monday 11th January 2016.

Hope you all have a safe holiday season and enjoy the storm season if possible.

Stay safe SCRIA members.

Friday, 18 December, 2015|

SCRIA & ATFA Trade Night – 26th October 2015

Date: Monday 26th October

Time: 4.30pm – 7.30pm

Location: Jena Dyco International – 22/23-25 Bunney Road, Oakleigh South VIC 3167 Directions

Cost: Free for SCRIA and ATFA Members

RSVP by October 23rd 2015: Register Online at or call 180621 872

Download Flyer  SCRIATFA_Flyer

Guest Speakers

David Hayward – Understand Wood Species

Chuck Boutall – What are the Main Things to Consider if Timber can be Dried?

Trade Displays and Exhibits

Refreshments provided


Wednesday, 7 October, 2015|

QLD SCRIA Member & Industry Meeting – 19th October 2015

A perfect opportunity to catch up with your industry peers and like-minded professionals. Come and join us to find out what has been going on in our ever changing industry. Plus hear from our special guest speakers.

Mick West
Westaway Restoriations
Topic: Sand Blasting in Fire Restoration

Mitch Binney
Regional Insurance Brokers
Topic: SCRIA Insurance Offering

Date: Monday 19th October

Time: 6.00pm – 8.30pm

Location: Westaway Restorations – 7 Wheeler Crescent Currumbin Waters QLD 4223 Directions

Cost: Free

RSVP by 16th October: Register Online at or call 1800621 872



Wednesday, 7 October, 2015|