The Most Valuable Commodity: Time

Another year has started and we are already into Autumn. How time fly’s so quickly, and that is one commodity in this world that is so valuable.

Time is also something I have run short of as a resource and so sadly with much regret, but with a sense of pride too, I must hang up my hat as the SCRIA president.

SCRIA and its members, deserve the precious resource – time, and requires a president that can give it freely. In the last couple of years, myself, with a fantastic board have taken SCRIA to new heights and it has been exciting to see it move so positively. The presence of SCRIA in the Australian insurance industry has been exposed to exciting levels and our public exposure is growing monthly with website views and enquiries. SCRIA now has over 90 companies as members with several business sponsors, involving many carpet cleaners, restorers and hygienists that enjoy the fellowship and association benefits.

Those that know me, will understand that if I can’t give it 100% I am not a happy Chappy. SCRIA, now more than ever needs a president who can lead it to new exciting levels with the forward motion that has been positively rolling on. There are still some out there in our industry that try to separate the restoration association from its members, and start break-away groups from the SCRIA association for their own benefit. I would recommend they be ignored so SCRIA can continue on its positive move forward. Keep the SCRIA Facebook page positive and alive and post to your hearts content.

While I am stepping down from being the president of SCRIA I will continue to support the association in the role of Technical Advisor.

The Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association represents the best of the industry, so please continue on as new and exciting events are being planned behind the scenes right now.

Thank you to all that have been involved in the SCRIA phone hook ups and to the companies that have opened up their facilities for our meetings. The meetings are a great resource and we are looking for new facilities all the time, so please contact [email protected] if you would like to host a SCRIA member event.

Thank you to the executive board for leading SCRIA to where it is today. Without you, my job would not have been as successful.

Finally, thank you to my wife, Roz, for allowing me enjoy my passion in the industry and being able to share it with others.

Cheerio to all, Thank you to everyone. See you soon!

Scott McFadzen

Farewell from Clare

The SCRIA Board and Committee met last week and have planned some exciting things for 2016. We will update you on these throughout the year. In addition to Scott McFadzen’s resignation we also need to announce that SCRIA’s National Secretary, Clare Collins has also resigned from the SCRIA committee.

“It has been a pleasure assisting NUCCRA, as it was when I joined, and now SCRIA as both Victorian State President and National Secretary over the last 6 years. I have seen many positive changes throughout my time served and have formed many great friendships. It’s time for someone else to help move the Association in the great direction it is heading. It is now time for me to concentrate on my forthcoming twins and enjoy motherhood.”

As a result of both Scott and Clare stepping down from the SCRIA Board the following committee will be in place until the AGM later this year:
Acting President: Mark Carey
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer: Jenny Boymal
Acting Secretary: Ivi Sims
Acting Victorian President: Kelly Rummery
NSW President: Penny Tralau
QLD President: Chris Kissen