NSW State Meeting 8 April 2014The NSW State meeting was held on the 8th April 2014 at the Restoration Rentals & Equipment premises. We had a good turnout – even Jim Bethel came from sunny Queensland to hear about the innovation and what was happening with ATP in the Restoration Industry. The key presenter was Trevor Warren from Key Diagnostics who gave a comprehensive presentation and hands on demo which had all of us testing the ATP levels on our mobile phones. Terry Kranidis came in at the lowest at 41 and Jim Bethel’s phone came in at 1500 – quite high considering it was a brand new phone! Just goes to show that ‘clean can’t be seen!’ Even Barry Kaye was testing table tops with ATP, then sanitising with colloidal solutions, then testing again – he is a convert to ATP! Thank you to all who shared in the night and we look forward to the next meeting. We are seeking expressions of interest from NSW members who have premises that would be interested in hosting a meeting. Please contact Annie at [email protected] for more information.