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By Michelle Lee

On Tuesday 13th August the NSW Chapter meet at our new venue, Gymea Tradies and had the opportunity to learn more about Colloidal Technologies and how Nano technology works in cleaning solutions.

Jeanne and Bob from Colloidal Technologies International made the trip down from Newcastle to Sydney and discussed the differences in how colloids ‘bind’ the grease, grime and dust and to encapsulate it to be removed. They had a demonstration of oil and water in a bottle and the evidence was pretty clear that the colloids ‘grabbed’ hold of the oil particles and could easily be removed.

It was great to see some new faces and I think you will all agree that the venue is well suited to meetings and the meals were great.

Thanks to Barry Kaye from GC Singleton’s for the topic suggestion. A big thank you to the companies that provided give-aways on the night.

Stay tuned for the next meeting topic and date.