President's ReportDear SCRIA members


It has been a month now since I was elected to president of SCRIA. I would like thank everyone, especially our families, who have supported the board and me during this busy period of late night phone calls and emails.

Why is that so?  Well, in the last month, we have worked hard to move the association forward, with frequent interactions between the executive board members, our secretariat Annie, and our Member Benefits Project Consultant, Lisa Alexiou. Lisa has been working closely with Annie and the board to get things moving.

We’ve been busy organising some amazing benefits to reward you and give you some great business tools to assist you. Benefits with potential savings of $1000s of dollars. For example, there’s an opportunity to get a complimentary website worth $1500 with any business or personal insurance package. Maybe like me, you would like to save money at the petrol pump. Well we’ve got that covered too, with a really great business fuel card.

These are just a few of the wonderful member benefits we have in store for you. The complete SCRIA Member Benefit Program Launch occurs at the Jena Dyco Conference on May 30th.

Some also may be aware of a small group of SCRIA members who travelled to the USA this month to part take in further training. This was the largest contingent of Australian members ever to travel to the USA for training. I will be highlighting this at the conference too.

So have you booked your conference tickets yet?  I look forward to sharing more about the SCRIA Member Benefit program and the trip to the other side!

On another note, the season of monsoonal weather has passed and for us in North Queensland, it was a bit of a fizzer! Some of our more northern members received some good work resulting from the two cyclones that graced us with their company, but overall the expected workloads were not received. Companies have mentioned that there was wind driven rain and localized flooding, but most of the damage was to infrastructure, sugarcane and banana plantations.

Now comes the cold and the winter storms. Are you geared up for it? Are our leads tested and tagged?   Now is a good time to clean the filters in the front of our dehumidifiers and the side vents in our air movers.

So thank you to all who have contributed so much in the last month and worked so hard. I look forward to seeing all members at the SCRIA stand at the Jena Dyco Conference in May. Please come and say hello to the new board and don’t forget to come to the SCRIA panel discussion. Think about questions you have always wanted to ask about drying or equipment and they will be answered by some great industry leaders.

See you there!

Scott McFadzen
SCRIA President