The SCRIA national enquiry line often receives calls or online comments from customers who need help or advice. When they are looking for professional carpet & upholstery cleaners or restoration specialists, we are able to refer them to our members. This is why it is essential that you keep your qualifications and service area up to date with the national office so that we can ensure that we can refer the right customers to the right members! Call the SCRIA office on 0294318678 to make sure we have your correct details.

When we receive an enquiry, the board share their experience and expertise in order to provide the customer with the best advice possible. If we can’t help, we will find someone who can!

This is not just for customers! SCRIA receives calls from members looking for advice too. SCRIA is here to help you in any situation. If you are having problems with customers, struggling with a difficult job, need advice on growing your business, then come to SCRIA. The board are happy to share their knowledge with you at any time.

Here’s how we have we helped customers in the past:

1) A customer is looking for someone who specialises in upholstery in Melbourne.

SCRIA directs the customer to the ‘Locate a Professional’ page on the SCRIA website and to select Victoria and Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning. The customer can then scroll through all our members who provide this service in Melbourne and call for a quote. SCRIA will never recommend one member over another.

2) A Customer has a faded light coloured carpet with stains and wants to know whether she should have it cleaned or entirely replaced?

SCRIA always recommends that a customer sends in photos for the Panel to make an accurate assessment of the carpet’s condition. Without photographs, SCRIA recommended that the customer contact a local Carpet Inspector to assess the quality of her carpets onsite. SCRIA provided the customer with phone numbers of the SCRIA member’s who operate in her area.

3) A customer purchased rubber dumbells which were stored on a vinyl flooring. After three months, the dumbells left a yellow stain on the vinyl but were not exposed to water or sunlight.

The SCRIA panel explained that this was a common reaction between rubber and vinyl and recommended the customer contacted a vinyl flooring inspector.

4) A member has a problem with a difficult customer who claims a job was not performed to their satisfaction.

The SCRIA panel recommends documenting every process on the job. Take before and after photos and ask the customer to sign an audit prior to beginning the job. If necessary, request a history of previous cleaning job’s on the carpet. Always cover all your bases to avoid complaints further down the line.

5) A customer has recently moved furniture but has left indents in the carpet. How can they have the indents removed?

SCRIA recommends that although the carpet can be steam cleaned for the build up, the backing will be stretched. In the long term, the carpet may need to be replaced.