The cleaning and restoration industry is a constantly changing industry and facing it alone can be daunting. So why not join a trade association? Age old excuses include time, money, competition, and fear of the ‘’Old Boys Club”. But any good business owner knows that they want to see a return on the investment of their time and money, and there is no better investment, professionally and personally, than joining a trade association

SCRIA, as a trade association, offers many opportunities for business owners and those employed in the cleaning and restoration industry. They represent you in your industry and on government legislation. They can provide invaluable advice when setting up a new business, dealing with common problems on the job, meeting fellow industry professionals, and both personal and professional development.

Bring part of a trade association will give you:

1. Access to a network of likeminded businesses ready to help out fellow members

2. The ability to help shape the industry and drive it forward

3. Being at the cutting edge of industry news and one step ahead of your competitor

Instead of following the industry, you are part of the forefront of industry that can shape future changes. SCRIA will keep its members up to date on the changing landscape of cleaning and restoration and provide information on the latest trends and research.

Networking is often considered one of the largest advantages of being part of a trade association. Not only will you have the opportunity to make life-long friends but you will grow your business reputation, and will push your business boundaries by opening up possibilities for referrals and additional resources. SCRIA’s active community on Facebook provides its members with an excellent online platform for networking, but also a bank of knowledge where members share tips of the trade and advice on how to combat on-the-job problems.

Also don’t forget, that being a member of SCRIA provides your business, with an invaluable marketing tool. SCRIA provides a free online referral system: your company information is uploaded onto the SCRIA website, including your logo and a direct web link to your website. SCRIA frequently receives website traffic and phone calls from customers looking for a cleaner and restorer and can direct them to your company. If you are on a limited budget this is a fantastic way to boost your business marketing.

As a SCRIA member, you instantly reinforce your credibility to prospective customers. Carrying a recognisable industry brand reassures customers of your qualifications and quality of your work.

Being a part of a trade association will help you grow personally and professionally but remember, to reap the benefits you must also make an investment of time and effort in association activities and become involved!

Not yet a member or want to refer a friend? Don’t forget our easy pay monthly option. At just $44.00 per month, why not join the thriving industry association to help build your business and knowledge? Contact the office on 0294318678 or [email protected] to set up your membership.